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Rolex Milgauss Ref. 6541 Super Full Set

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Straight Facts

A Rolex for … nuclear scientists! Sounds crazy? Well, it’s the truth. First introduced in 1954 the Milgauss was named for its resistance to One Thousand Gauss. What is a Gauss? That is a measure of magnetic activity - and as anybody who has worn a mechanical watch in the modern era of cellphones can tell you - magnetism is the enemy of accurate timekeeping. So how do nuclear scientists a la Doc Brown factor into this equation? Well, during the post WWII years - there was a massive rise in nuclear studies for energy and arms and scientists who relied on their precision instrument watches needed a more anti-magnetic watch to resist the day-to-day exposure to these highly magnetic forces - and Rolex was happy to answer their call.

The first generation, which we have here, was christened the reference 6541. These are extremely rare watches - in part because the 6541 was Milgauss was not a commercial success, later iterations proved to be iconic and desirable both when they were new, and even more-so today. The DNA of the modern Milgauss was born here.

Note the honeycomb dial, the lightning bolt hand, and the near perfect case. We didn’t even get to this boxes incredible series of original documents. Purchased new in 1962 on an Army base, this incredible piece still has its original COSC timing certificate, instruction booklets, cigarette card, and service papers. The story that these papers tell is one of a transatlantic journey from Germany to Texas - and it was clearly worn lovingly and sparingly since. The dial, with the exception of one mark near 11 is in flawless condition - and the case was expertly polished to make this watch present its very best. While we normally don’t advocate for a polish - this was done masterfully and in following the original case lines hence its thick and even appearance.

Although the watch itself is a true wonder, this example also comes with its full asymmetric box, papers, guarantee, chronometer certificate, booklets and even receipt from purchase, one of only a handful ever uncovered with this level of completeness.

This is the truest of true collector pieces for the most discerning collector of Rolex, and represents a rare opportunity to acquire the very genesis of the Milgauss lineup.

*Some marks or spots on the dial are reflections or dust on the crystal and are due to high intensity strobe lighting used while photographing. They are not actually on the watch or visible in natural lighting.

Stainless Steel 1959 Full Set Automatic Sport

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