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Rolex Datejust Ref. 16238 - Circa 1990 - NEW, OLD, STOCK

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Straight Facts

There are levels to collecting. For starters, this is a solid-gold Datejust which makes it incredibly rare to begin with - Rolex did not make a lot of these so it didn’t compete with its more expensive sibling, the solid-gold only Day-Date. Not only is this one such example of a solid gold Datejust, but this example is virtually untouched and unworn after over 30 years.

Rolex is a brand all about evolution over revolution. The 16238 is very much a direct descendent of the earliest all-gold Datejusts. The story here though, is all about the condition. This watch has only the slightest signs of handling wear from being held. It is unpolished, flawless, on a full linked tight solid gold Jubilee bracelet.

An opportunity to buy a brand-new-33-year-old-watch!

Finding watches like this are few and far between, and while normally we would not be excited to find “just-another” champagne dial Datejust, this piece’s condition elevates it to the highest level of collecting. What’s next for it? Do you gift it to somebody as a once-in-a-lifetime gift? Or do you put in a safe like what happened for the first 33 years of its life? The choice is yours, but we will stop talking so you can go look at those pictures some more!

*Some marks or spots on the dial are reflections or dust on the crystal and are due to high intensity strobe lighting used while photographing. They are not actually on the watch or visible in natural lighting.

18K Yellow Gold 1990 Automatic Dress

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