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Rolex Datejust Ref. 16233 - Diamond Dial 'Vignette'

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Straight Facts

Hard to believe - but the Datejust has been around since 1945. It is far older than its bigger and attention hogging Submariner brethren. The Datejust was Rolex’s idea of the perfect everyday watch. The robustness of the Oyster case, combined with the elegance of an Oyster Perpetual. While the first series of Datejust’s (known as ‘4-Digits’) featured elegant pie-pan dials, the ‘5-Digits’ got an upgraded movement with a Quickset date Feature. Never underestimate the joy of having a quickset date - and saw the debut of the Diamond Vignette Dial Series!

As Rolex unveiled these new series of dials to go with the newer models, the present Blue Vignette with Diamond markers is one of the more extravagant from series production. While this style was available in multiple case finished - when optioned in a two-tone case as seen here, you got a very 1980s Miami Vice type of vibe. The watch itself is in exceptionally preserved condition and is both unpolished, while retaining its factory caseback sticker. What makes this piece even rarer is its ‘C’ serial dating it to 1992! 1992 was not a very heavy production year for Rolex and for whatever reason, finding a ‘C” serial is the horological equivalent of a needle in a haystack! In overall superlative condition down to the dial, watches like this do not come around often - though we wish they did!

*Some marks or spots on the dial are reflections or dust on the crystal and are due to high intensity strobe lighting used while photographing. They are not actually on the watch or visible in natural lighting

Two-Tone 1992 ‘C’ Serial Automatic Dress

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