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Rolex Submariner Date Ref. 16618 - 'Bluesy' Blue Dial W/ Rolex CPO Kit

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The Rolex Submariner is a true icon — and the word "icon" does get thrown around an awful lot. If you were to ask ten people at random to draw you their idea of what a watch looks like, there is a significant chance that they would draw or describe something that looks like a Rolex Submariner. It’s the dive watch of reference, and good/bad/indifferent there is no escaping it. Throughout its 70-year production, there have been countless small changes made to the model, particularly in the first decade or so, and this Ref. 16618 has its own little place in the history of the model.

The Ref. 1680 was the first Submariner to feature a date, and had a long production run spanning close to 15 years - and was eventually replaced by the 16800 series of Submariner Date. During that 16800 era, the watch underwent a series of changes that saw the early models born with matte dials, while the later ones were born with glossy dials with white gold surrounds. As was the case with the Ref. 1680, the 5-digit also received the solid yellow gold treatment.

The example that we have here, neo-vintage Reference 16618, dates to circa 1991 and comes to us in fantastic overall condition and has been previously sold as a Rolex Certified Pre Owned watch. The case and bracelet have been professionally refurbished and exhibit only light signs of wear throughout with some usual scuffing to the solf gold surface, visible largely on the polished center links of the bracelet on the 12 o'clock (outer) side. The lugs remain thick and symmetrical and feature drilled-holes. The gorgeous sunburst blue 'bluesy' dial inside is seemingly mint, with no inconsistencies to its finishing and the Tritium-filled indices all even in color. The Tritium handset and pip in the blue aluminum bezel insert match perfectly. 

To top it all off, this piece comes with its full set of Rolex CPO goodies!

It could be argued that a yellow gold GMT-Master makes sense, but a solid gold dive watch? There is no point. And that is exactly what makes it great.

Yellow Gold 1991 Full Rolex CPO Set Automatic 40mm
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