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Patek Philippe Calatrava 'Amagnetic' Ref. 2570 w/ Extract

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The Patek Philippe Calatrava. Arguably the brands most iconic model line, and purest expression of the brand. Their raison d'etre if you will.

The line has been a hit since its debut in 1932. So much so, that the name "Calatrava" itself has become something of a byword within the watch industry for traditionally styled, no-frills dress watches that simply tell the time. Over the course of its nearly 100-years of production, there have been seemingly countless iterations within the line, with variations in the metal they are made in, with their size, dial configurations, and eventually, complications.

And then, there is this: the Calatrava Reference 2570.

Introduced just a few short years after Patek's first anti-magnetic ('Amagnetic' for short) watch debuted, the Calatrava Ref. 3417, this new piece would 'elevate' the brands anti-magnetic catalog by incorporating an enamel dial inside a precious metal case. In addition to a screw-down caseback, still a relatively few feature on the Calatrava thanks to the Ref. 565, the Ref. 2570's primary feature was its antimagnetic properties inside the case, taking the form of a cage around the movement. This was novel technology in the 1950s and only a few brands had brought anti-magnetic timepieces to market — all of which were stainless steel and functioned largely as tools for professionals: the Rolex Milgauss, Omega Railmaster, Eberhard Scientigraf, and what is widely regarded as the first anti-magnetic watch, the Tissot Antimagnetic to name a few.

The example that we have here is a very early yellow gold piece dating to circa 1955. The 35mm case has seen a light previous polishing and remains very strong, with thick, defined lugs and normal signs of wear throughout. There are a few noteworthy scratches on the right case profile to the right of the crown, as well as some tooling marks on the screw-down caseback — not to shabby for a nearly 70-year old watch. Additionally, the serial number on the caseback and the metal cage match. The absolutely stunning silver enameled dial is beautifully preserved, with consistent color and texture throughout and only the faintest signs of aging, with only one small blemish within the subsidiary seconds register between the 6 & 7 markers. The correct, matching 'feuille' handset is in fantastic condition as well, with only one small area of oxidation in the middle of the minute hand. Inside, Patek's Calibre. 12-400 manually-would movement powers this piece. It is regarded as something of a workhorse movement, touting impressive shock resistance (for the era) as well as serviceability due to its pocket-watch derived design. 

This example comes fitted to a brown leather strap with a correct, matching yellow gold buckle and an extract from Patek's archives confirming production in 1955 and its original sale in 1957.

There are watches, and then there are watches! This is one of the latter.

Yellow Gold 1955 Extract Manual 35mm
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