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Movado M95 Chronograph - Retailed by Cartier

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While it may be hard to imagine based upon their product line today, Movado Laboratories (yes, that was the full name) once made watches that were the envy of the greatest brands - and for very good reason.

The present watch is known as a Movado M95 Chronograph, after the Movado Manufacture M95 movement inside of it - and while they were made in a variety of dial configurations, the present example features an elegant brushed silver dial. The M95 features an incredible waterproof case made by Francios Borgel (the same case-maker who manufactured the Patek 1463 “Tatsi Tondi”) as well as exciting dials (note the snail sub register hands - which are still present in this example!) in addition to that revolutionary M95 calibre that was made by Movado themselves.

But look at that Cartier Signature at 12 o'clock...

As if a 14K Gold M95 wouldn't be special enough, this example was retailed by the great Maison of Cartier. As such, it proudly bears the Cartier script signature at 12 o'clock. This is truly an example with no excuses as the dial is in incredible condition, with even aging the lume plots and handset. Its silvered brushed pattern, with bright red sub register hands hands set against the silver concentric sub registers makes for a visually dramatic impact, and the case is an extremely rare solid 14K yellow gold example, meaning it was likely made for the US marker. The case lines are very crisp and the hex waterproof caseback shows no signs of abuse or forced entry, with the Cartier stock number engraving fully in-tact as well. Seldom do M95’s come to the public market, and this is one of the rarest known examples in existence. We are thrilled to offer this piece of history featuring the two great brands of Movado & Cartier.

*Some marks or spots on the dial are reflections or dust on the crystal and are due to high intensity strobe lighting used while photographing. They are not actually on the watch or visible in natural lighting.

Yellow Gold 1960s Retailed by Cartier Manual Sport

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